A better hospital environment means better health.

We've worked with vets to create EthiPet Hospital, a versatile modular accommodation system that is packed with things you've always wanted and that cats need to reduce stress and recovery. Our patented Hospital system is also designed to meet (or actually exceed) ISFM Gold Standard cage requirements.



The EthiPet Hospital system features:

  • An airflow system that eliminates odours and minimises spread of airborne diseases
  • A secure storage compartment for medications and consumables 
  • A cut-out slot to the front door for IV line 
  • A separate bathroom so cats don't have to go where they eat/sleep – and where they can't be watched
  • A removable resting ledge
  • Minimal joints and curved lines
  • A heated section of floor with thermostat and temperature control
  • Recessed services for power, oxygen, thermostat and hooks to hang fluid and equipment
  • Angled floors and removable fluid catchment tray