A cat's private away from home haven.

While every cat is different, there are a few needs that are universal. Meet these and you make what can be a pretty stressful experience for both cats and cat owners into something rather nice.

EthiPet Habitat has been designed to meet these needs and reduce stress. Our patented system is also totally scalable and customisable to meet your needs, and we offer a complete end-to-end service from planning to 'ready for cat'. We're here to help reduce your stress too.


Each EthiPet Habitat is a self-contained system featuring:

  • An airflow system that eliminates odours and minimises risk of airborne diseases
  • Three separate rooms that can be accessed individually
  • An elevated, private sleeping area offering a quiet safe space for napping and observing (especially important for shy cats)
  • A separate bathroom so cats don't have to go where they eat/sleep – and where they can't be watched
  • A lounge area with a view and different levels for exploring, playing, napping and eating
  • A curved back panel so dirt and hair doesn't accumulate and toys bounce back
  • Construction materials that reduce noise, don't retain odours and help regulate temperature
  • Sliding doors to the bedroom and bathroom so cats can be confined during cleaning (important for the escapologists)
  • Two removable drip trays for the messy cats
  • Different size options (narrow, standard and large)