How does the airflow system work?

Our patented airflow system has been designed to separate every Habitat and Hospital enclosure from those around it – so that air that enters into one enclosure does not pass through any others. Vents in the back of each enclosure are connected to a segregated duct system that connects to extraction fans that draw air through the Habitat or Hospital unit and expels it out of the room to the atmosphere. You can't see the fans, but they create an active flow of fresh air through the gaps between the glass and the door surrounds at the front of the enclosure, through each enclosure and out the vents.

Stale air out, fresh air in. No air transfer between Habitats or Hospitals. No smells. No recycling of air between cats. Greatly reduced chance of airborne disease spread.

How much do the different housing options cost?

Obviously, this varies with what option, what size and on what scale you're looking at.

Lots of our clients choose a leasing arrangement, which works out at around $5 a day for a standard Habitat over 5 years. All of our products can be leased, bought or rented.

We're happy to provide you with an individual quote – and our quotes are proper quotes... there are no hidden extras.

Do you charge for a quote?

No we don't charge for a quote. If you can initially send us a quick sketch plan of your proposed spaces with a couple of photos, we can prepare sketch plan options and an initial quote free of charge. Once you're ready to proceed, we'll come to your premises, conduct a detailed site measure and confirm your quotation, based on your specific site conditions.

You're in Sydney, I'm not. Is that a problem?

Not at all! We've worked all over Australia. We come to your site, measure everything up and then manufacture your cat housing right here in Australia. Once done, the whole she-bang is transported to your site and installed by our team of tradies (joiners, electricians, mechanical contractors). With decades of projects under our belts, we've developed great relationships with really good, highly reliable local tradies all over the country. You don't have to organise anything (or pay anyone extra).

You talk a lot about cats being stressed, how can you tell a cat is stressed?

A stressed cat will do things such as:

·       spraying

·       scratching

·       grooming themselves obsessively

·       vocalising

·       hiding

·       going off food

·       being hypervigilant or aggressive

·       being less active and playful

·       being less interactive 

What warranties do your systems carry?

Habitat and Hospital have a 3-year warranty for the modules and a 12-month warranty for the extraction system. MiaoHaus carries a 12-month warranty.

I'm establishing an ISFM accredited cat clinic – do your products meet ISFM requirements?

Yes! All our Habitat and Hospital products are ISFM Gold Standard accredited for >24 hour hospitalisation. We also have a 'room only' version of the Hospital for <24 hour hospitalisation.

I'm in Victoria and require cat boarding accommodation for >7 day stays. Do you have a product that suits?

Yes! The large version of Habitat is designed to comply with Victorian standards for cats boarded longer than 7 days.

What materials are EthiPet products made from?

We have carefully specified all enclosure materials to be non-porous, inorganic and to not sustain contagion. We have also designed out products to have few joints and be easy to clean. 

All our products are manufactured from marine grade non-PVC plastics that are fully recyclable. Doors to Habitat and Hospital are glass and MiaoHaus has acrylic doors and rear panel.

How easy are your products to clean?

Simply wipe down surfaces, spray with F10 (or a similar veterinary disinfectant) and allow to dry. Even our scratch panels can be rinsed, dried and sprayed with F10 so they're ready for the next cat.

We need more than just cat housing – we need to rebuild our practice / create a new cat hotel / upgrade our welfare shelter. Can you help?

Not a problem! Our sister company BigCity Design can design your new facility, obtain all costings, submit for all approvals, source contractors and manage your build project.


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